World Class Tug Master and Pilot Training,
Tugboat Simulation, Auditing and Assessments

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SeaWays Tugmasters Training Program is sophisticated and effective. Developed over 15 years this refined system is well-proven & internationally recognised. Compliant to ClassNK standards and is the first Tug Master training course with Class approval.

Defined standards based on specific, pragmatic and well illustrated training manuals. Covers all requirements to ensure knowledge and skills required for a safe, highly skilled and professional tug master. Is structured to ensure that no common operational practice or risk is overlooked and records results to show that training was undertaken to the required ‘defined’ standard, which is subjectively assessed. This last point is invaluable in the event of any investigation that may result in a claim or penalty on the tug operator.

Training delivery is cost effective when considered against manning costs, fuel consumption and engine hours saved by fast tracking the training via an experienced professional trainer. Provides protection for towage services companies, their personnel and their clients in the event of an incident. Ensues that tug masters are taught to drive in such a way as to gain the most out of the tug and to be able to operate tugs in a safe, relaxed and competent manner under the most challenging of circumstances.

The training has been provided without doubt to be an investment that delivers positive outcomes via savings in repairs, fuel consumption, maintenance and towline longevity while enhancing a towage company’s reputation high quality performance to clients.