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Seaways Global Announces International Expansion Plans

SeaWays Global, a world-class provider of Tugmaster and Pilot training, has announced a new company name and further rebranding as part of its business expansion plans.

Signing ceremony

After establishing a strong presence in the European region over the past 10 years, formerly known as SeaWays Europe, the company now aims for further international expansion to meet the demands of interest from new clients, who have  seen the value of the SeaWays training programs.

During the recent Tugnology ’17 conference in Rotterdam, where Capt. Arie Nygh, Managing Director of SeaWays Australasia took the stage to debate current challenges of tug safety along with other industry experts, SeaWays Global presented its solutions to this under a new brand name by showing industry their training material and live onboard video captures, highlighting the most challenging aspects of towage and how to develop competencies within a client’s own company.

SeaWays stand

SeaWays has a proven track record of delivering savings in fuel usage, towline use, maintenance and reduced incidents that are unchallenged within any other training program. This means that the training cost is an investment and within a short time, the initial outlay is returned. This means the training becomes free of cost.

SeaWays Global is looking forward to this new and exciting opportunity and would like to thank our existing clients for their continued support which has enabled SeaWays training programs to be recommended around the world, says Steve Sandy, Managing Director of SeaWays Global.

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