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Module 3 Active Escort Towage course

Simulators: 360° Full Mission Tug Simulator + 220° Full Mission Tug Simulator sub-station with independent Combi-Levers and winch controls. The two simulators can be interfaced to run together and both will be used for each course run.

The SeaWays course is structured to ClassNK standards and is non-subjectively assessed. The course is 5 days in total, running Monday to Friday.

Course overview:

  • Module 3 – Active Escort & Dynamic Ship Assist: In this module we shall take the high level of tug control you learnt in Modules 1 & 2 then apply them to servicing a ship whilst in active escort mode. There are twenty-five (25) individual exercises that can be completed either on-board or in the simulator. This includes a Module 1 competency circuit, an initial Module 2 competency circuit and a final competency assessment. You will complete each of these to a satisfactory standard before moving onto the next. If your training is in the simulator you will also complete additional exercises.This is a challenging course but also an extremely rewarding one. Driving an ASD/ATD tug to this high standard can only be achieved with repetitive practise over and over again. In effect we are programming your brain so that when you are undertaking solo operations and it is 02:00, blowing a gale, pouring with rain, you are tired and things are not going to plan your good driving habits and competency will instinctively come to the fore. Consequently, the tug will be driven to a high standard and you will be free to concentrate on what is happening around you rather than on how to drive the tug. To achieve this, we must set high standards for ourselves during training and continually repeat correct techniques so as to develop good driving habits and avoid bad ones.

    SeaWays philosophy to the training of Tugmasters is to train to the very highest standard in a controlled, structured and safe environment with the view to operate on a day-to-day basis well within this skill set.

Total Simulation Course = 5 days.

This Module can only takes 2 Tugmasters per course, due to it’s intensity.

Cost of the course includes:

  • 5 days simulation training
  • Course manuals
  • 21 eLearning lessons
  • Lunches each course day
  • Coffees & soft drinks
  • Collection to and from London airports can be arranged.

Total course cost = £6,500 per person + VAT @ 20% (VAT is reclaimable for companies & overseas clients)

A discount will apply to the above course cost if at least two trainees are booked together.

Email: for future course dates and bookings.