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Tugboat Simulation, Auditing and Assessments

Module 1 ASD-ATD Tug Handling course

Simulators: 360° Full Mission Tug Simulator + 220° Full Mission Tug Simulator sub-station with independent Combi-Levers and winch controls. The two simulators can be interfaced to run together and both will be used for each course run.

The SeaWays course is structured to ClassNK standards and is non-subjectively assessed. The course is 5 days in total, running Monday to Friday.

Course overview:

  • Module 1 – ASD/ATD Tug Handling, develops 23 individual skills that we refer to as “Tools in the toolbox”. These ‘tools’ and the style of driving we teach (Authority + Control + Finesse) are the foundation to everything a Tug Master needs to control the tug in a safe and effective manner. All exercises are created to ensure the most effective use of the tug from a design perspective and to optimise its full operational capability.
  • On completion the Tug Master must complete a competency based assessment where the accredited Training Master first completes the required Competency Circuit and then adds 30% to their time, establishing the time standard. This is the maximum time acceptable within which the Tug Master being assessed has to complete their circuits.

The time is merely a measure of control and it is the overall control of the tug that is important, i.e. controlled gentle touch-downs on the wharf fender etc. If everyone has the same level of control the resultant times for the competency assessment should be broadly similar.

Total Simulation Course = 5 days.

Cost of the course includes:

  • 5 days simulation training
  • Course manual
  • 21 eLearning lessons
  • Lunches each course day
  • Coffees & soft drinks
  • Collection to and from London airports can be arranged

Total course cost = £3,500 per person + VAT @ 20% (VAT is reclaimable for companies & overseas clients)

A discount will apply to the above course cost if at least two trainees are booked together.

Email: for future course dates and bookings.