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Maritime Pilot Azimuth Propulsion Course

Simulators: 360° Full Mission Bridge Simulator

The SeaWays course is structured to give the trainees a better understanding of azimuth systems and an effective style of operating them in port manoeuvring mode, including berthing/unberthing exercises and narrow lock moves.


Course overview:

  • Exercise Lesson Area Time expected
    1 Turning vessel using Main Engine RPM Only Open waters 20 mins
    2 Turning Vessel using Pod angles only Open Waters  

    20 Mins


    3 Turning a vessel using a combination of Main Engine RPM and pod angles Open Waters 20 Mins
    4 Different styles of steering a vessel whilst making headway. Open Waters 45 Mins
    5 Different styles of steering a vessel whilst making sternway Open Waters 45 Mins
    6 Learning how to walk a vessel sideways in a controlled manner.  

    Port Limits



    30 mins


    7 Using different steering and manoeuvring styles for a simulated real time exercise. Best methods of increasing and decreasing R.O.T. Port limits 90 Mins
    8 Reducing speed and manoeuvring vessel alongside. Port limits 90 Mins
    9 Emergency procedures.

    Crash Stop and

    Loss of one azimuth control

    Port Limits 60 Mins


    • Additional time will be spent as necessary to provide de-briefs to Pilots between exercises and if time permits any of the above exercises can be repeated if requested on the day;
    • Pilots will be required to arrive at the Wartsila Academy at 09:00 Hrs prompt;
    • An introductory briefing will be given by the SeaWays Training Team on arrival which will outline Health and Safety requirements as well as the course content for the day;
    • The course will finish by 17:00Hrs.

Total Simulation Course = 1 days familiarisation.

Cost of the course includes:

  • 1 days simulation training
  • Course manuals
  • Lunches each course day
  • Coffees & soft drinks
  • Collection to and from London airports can be arranged.

Total course cost = £2,650 per course (maximum of 2 Pilots per course) + VAT @ 20% (VAT is reclaimable for companies & overseas clients)

Email: for future course dates and bookings.