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It’s a tug crews dream tug

With Super Yachts getting increasingly bigger and more expensive, berthing them has become a major issue for Captains and to the expense of the owners when it does not go to plan. What could help? Well, the first Super Tug could be the answer. We had the huge pleasure of being shown around the RT BORKUM by Patrick Everts General Manager Maritime Excellence Centre. Let us get the specs out the way before we walk you
around the tug itself. Well, she is an ART10-15 Robert Allan design 14.95M LOA – 8 M Beam – Draught 3.3m – Speed 8 knots and a Bollard Pull of 10 tonnes. Powered by 3 Scadia engines generating 221KW of power.

Kotug has stated that she is of Super Yacht quality and BORKUM exceeds your expectations once onboard. BORKUM was christened on June 28th at Westerkade Rotterdam just after Tugnology 2017 had come to a close. We were all lucky enough to be invited on to the Kooren Terminal for welcome food and drinks and it is on this terminal that the BORKUM is secured in a bespoke berth on the stern.

RT BORKUM is outfitted as a representation of the rotortug concept. History repeats, since shipyard Padmos Stellendam Bv, co-designed and outfitted the first rotortug class for ton kooren and is now building his RT BORKUM rotortug©. The BORKUM is designed for training purposes and the wheelhouse design gives plenty of room for the crew, trainer, and trainees to be comfortable.

All the consoles and overhead housings are expertly fitted with stitched leather giving a look I personally have never seen onboard a tug before. As expected the console design is related to working Rotortugs and gives the Tug Master a full field of vision along with all control panels being well spaced, sunken roller mouse controls for the navigation equipment that are on compression fed mounts which raise and lower when needed not obstructing safe navigation or the ability to observe your crew on deck.

Below deck still maintains the stunning design features. Leather settees, shag pile carpets, concealed storage units, integrated espresso coffee machine, standard lamps, wi-fi, hi-fi and 55inch LED screens for monitoring CCTV images of above deck movement onboard. A nice touch was to have the portraits of the King and Queen hung and I am sure this tug would be to their high standards of quality and comfort.

The mess table has a very nice design touch to it, printed into the table is a picture of the very first tug that started the Kotug empire and is proudly displayed on their newest tug for all to see how far the company has come. The table and chair being modelled by the very nice Barry
Griffin. I am not sure if he actually left the tug he was so impressed with it, SeaWays would like to thank all at Kotug for their generosity in hosting the opening evenings’ entertainment and allowing us all to see such a wonderfully designed tug. I hope my Euromillions numbers come in and I will be over to order one.

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