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Effective Use of Tugs for Maritime Pilots


SeaWays’ most recent interactive Pilot Workshop on the effective use of tugs was held in Auckland at the New Zealand Maritime School. Pilots from all over the world were present as part of larger maritime event.

The SeaWays organised Pilot workshops are always very well attended and are designed to provoke thoughts and discussion points from all attendees.  Current utilisation of tugs within the various ports represented are discussed and SeaWays are able to provide many alternative solutions to enable a safer and more cost effective towage operation.

Points for discussion include:

  • Proving Competency and Compliance
  • Variations in tug design
  • Different types of towlines – advantages/disadvantages
  • Pilots understanding of specific tug capabilities and towage equipment
  • What is effective bollard pull and how towline length has an influence
  • What redundancy does a Pilot have following Tug engine failure
  • Hazard identification
  • Strength of deck fittings and considerations
  • Towline angles and related component loads on ships fittings
  • Standardisation of Pilot orders to tugs
  • How to reduce your ports carbon footprint

If the Pilot workshop is conducted within or close to a SeaWays approved maritime simulation facility, the workshop can be extended to include extra days for trialling and proving the ‘effective use of tugs’ within a port environment.

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