How it all started: Mike Foulkes of Seaspan Marine

I was introduced to tow boating through a family friend. Ted Davis owned a small yarding tug out of New Westminster and needed occasional help on weekends. Ted was a patient man and made the job fun and interesting. The food was good too and as a bonus he even paid me! At the time […]

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The Tug Training Simulator has 360° vision via 44 LED screens and 50 computers to run the advanced software, 3D & 2D interchangable vision, Rolls Royce combi controls and electronics. ASD & ATD controls, genuine hardware winch controls, 4 fully functional tug stations, 4 tug masters can drive 4 tugs at the same time while interfacing with the same exercise or 1 Bridge Team controlling 3 tugs for advanced Port studies. All simulators are powered by Transas software giving the highest level of detailed modelling and interaction possible.