Tug Master Training in New Zealand

The SeaWays Module 1, ASD Tug Handling and Module 2, Undertaking Harbour Towage courses were due to commence within the New Zealand Maritime School, Auckland on Monday 19th June. Given the total flying time of 24 hours from London to Auckland with an additional 3-hour stopover in Dubai I opted to head south on the late-night […]

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The Tug Training Simulator has 360° vision via 44 LED screens and 50 computers to run the advanced software, 3D & 2D interchangable vision, Rolls Royce combi controls and electronics. ASD & ATD controls, genuine hardware winch controls, 4 fully functional tug stations, 4 tug masters can drive 4 tugs at the same time while interfacing with the same exercise or 1 Bridge Team controlling 3 tugs for advanced Port studies. All simulators are powered by Transas software giving the highest level of detailed modelling and interaction possible.